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Living things have evolved in an environment which has significant levels of ionising radiation.

Furthermore, many people owe their lives and health to such radiation produced artificially. Other kinds of ionising radiation are used to diagnose ailments, and some people are treated with radiation to cure disease.

Ionising radiation, such as occurs from uranium ores and nuclear wastes, is part of our human environment, and always has been so.

At high levels it is hazardous, but at low levels such as we all experience naturally, it is harmless.

I didn't mean to screw my wife's best friend's daughter. It just happened, a serendipitous encounter, unplanned and unexpected.

But I've somehow jumped to the conclusion of the story, and without some background all of this wouldn't make any sense.

each driving scene felt like it was at least a minute every time, and could not feel less fillerific, the girls, while decent looking, were nothing special, and the sex couldn`t be less interactive. And of course the icing on this pile of garbage is that the translation is by far the worst that I`ve seen of a game on this site.

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They have hit it off for years, and because of that we've spent countless family dinners together, alternated cookouts in summer and for a while even shared several condos on family vacations.At high levels it is therefore dangerous, so it is necessary to control our exposure.While we cannot feel this radiation, it is readily detected and measured, and exposure can easily be monitored.The first part started better and this one makes all the mistakes of the previous one.it is so sad that they couldn`t even use an English spellchecker. welll you just lose interest This is by far the worst game I`ve played on this site.One of my best friends from high school had gone off to Kansas to play football in college.