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Despite the obvious significance of Anonymous, to date, little academic research has been focused on what role hierarchy and internal authority play (if any) within the group.

Bespoke software was used to structure over 5000 examples of IRC log files, so that a base line descriptive statistical picture could be drawn, as well as a more granular enumeration of the privileges associated with individual users.

The close of 2012 saw Anonymous named by Time magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people active within the world today (Time, 2012).

The Time magazine article is the culmination of the events of the past three years that has seen a string of high profile hacking exploits by the Anonymous Collective.

The internet has plenty of people whom you've never met who are casually rude to others thanks to the anonymity the internet holds as a feature. Also, answerers should keep in mind the Back It Up!

Live-action roleplaying takes place face-to-face; you interact with other people through talking, acting, and occasionally combat.

At first we thought it was some sort of flu, seemingly random people began getting sick.

Impossibly high fevers followed by bleeding from the eyes and then by violent seizures, and then finally death. Within the next hour following their heart stopping these few individuals came back to life, forever changed.

Take this thread of comments for a Barnes and Noble book review: Anonymous: A very depressed fireflower.

Anonymous: Lightclan @ ‘help me’ all res and Blueclan @ ‘blue clan’ all res.