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Whilst up until relatively recently both the Internet and mobile phones used to be luxuries to a few, they are now fundamental components of everyday life for millions.

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This takes dexterity that determined people seem to acquire with ease!Recently news came out of a father who, after reading a disturbing article about children being subject to sexual harassment on Roblox, gave it a try to see what his own children may be experiencing.Authorities say that once a conversation becomes sexual in nature, the mark — who is usually a man — ends up getting suckered into engaging in embarrassing acts.

And they don’t work if parents just allow their children unfettered tablet or computer use.The range, scope, and prevalence of sex technology in 2015 makes the AOL chatrooms of 1997 seem quaint.Snapchat, Tinder, and even Facebook double as social networks, dating platforms, and subtle messaging systems for sexual missives.But because we so widely associate attraction to pornography with men, and because Internet pornography in general is a relatively recent phenomenon, there’s been very little scrutiny, either in academic research or the popular media, on women who become addicted to cybersex.Technically, cybersex is defined as sexually motivated behavior involving the Internet.There are countless other resources out there though, so pick whatever you like best and read up.