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The key, of course, is you need one little thing that you probably already have. All TVs sold in the United States after 2007 are required to have an ATSC tuner.

TVs larger than 36 inches have had ATSC tuners since 2005. I remember watching channel 56 in Boston growing up, and it would barely come in, with lots of snow and noise. Check out my article on (and how all perform the same), because over-the-air digital broadcasts have a similar perfect-or-unwatchable failure.

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On "Lincoln Has Won", indie rock/cowpunk quintet The Habit, take you on a tour of a scarred country, an America still at war with its changing self.

They’re equally as comfortable with the quiet as proven by Glennon’s contemplative voice/piano take on “Wild Wild West”.If you're in a big city, the buildings can cause a problem.If you're way out in the country, distance could be the factor.No contracts, monthly fees or price hikes just high-quality broadcasts of news, sports, weather, game shows and other programs that you can easily watch for free.90 of my clothes falling off to watching funny movie.So if you bought your TV after this, you probably have a tuner. Most of you reading this will remember the good old days of screwing on the thick coaxial cable to the back of the TV. If you still have an antenna in the attic, give it a try. How that infuriated my parents ("you'll ruin your eyes! You either have all the signal, and it's perfect, or you fall off the digital precipice, and you've got dropouts, visual artifacts, or just a blank screen.