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As infecções são um papo sério, e você não deve deixar de cuidar da sua tatuagem.

Leia com atenção e observe seu corpo, ele pode estar lhe dando informação muito valiosa.

Os sintomas típicos das tatuagens infeccionadas podem incluir: Inflamação: qualquer sinal de coloração entre rosa e vermelho ao redor da tatuagem pode indicar inflamação.

E a área também pode começar a coçar, o que também indica irritação.

Cole Sprouse, the actor who plays Jughead on the series, said he hopes the network does decide to keep with the comics and let Jughead remain asexual, despite Aguirre-Sacasa treating the first season as a way for Jughead to discover himself.

“I hope that huge corporations like the CW recognize that this kind of representation is rare and severely important to people who resonate with it,” Sprouse told Teen Vogue. It would be a wonderful thing if that were the case.” According to the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), about one percent of the world’s population identifies as asexual.

Delicadamente, coloque sua mão limpa sobre a área inflamada.

Será que ela se sente muito mais quente que o resto da sua pele? Este poderia ser um sinal de um problema em desenvolvimento.

One writer, who identifies as asexual, said the move to make Jughead straight and not acknowledge the effort that went into making the character asexual was just another example of “asexual erasure.” Another fan asked the showrunners to keep the character asexual, adding that it would be a good opportunity to have asexuality represented on a mainstream series.Expressions of interest are invited from suitably qualified scientists wishing to develop their scientific research career as an EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Group Leader hosted at the...Recruitment of Dean for School of Health Care Management, Shandong University Shandong University (SDU), under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, is a key comprehensive university with a long history, a variety of disciplines, formidable academic strength, and distinctive char...Even more perplexing was the fact that Aguirre-Sacasa acknowledged the fact that Jughead was canonically asexual in the comics.“The way we're treating , especially season one, is it's an origin story,” Aguirre-Sacasa told MTV News.Você fez uma tatuagem e está com medo de que ela possa estar infeccionada; ou você vai fazer uma tatuagem e tem medo de infecções.