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These are recorded and victims are told footage of their sex session will be made public and sent to friends and family unless they send cash.READ NEXT: Man drove car off cliff near Lynton deliberately, police say One teenager stung by an Ivory Coast gang told his blackmailer after being online for just 100 minutes: "I'd rather go and shoot myself, you f***ing trash making people do this." The coldhearted criminal replied: "I thank you I want your money more I will share your video bye?The peaceful protest soon turned into a riot and there were rumours about the abduction of an African woman, which the local police denied.The latest incident only adds to the long list of hate crimes in Delhi NCR against people who look and live different.I had been working in public health advocacy for over ten years in Nigeria, where the HIV fight is focused mainly on heterosexual sex, especially women and young girls.But I was focusing on the most at-risk populations, the LGBT community and IV drug users.I attended conferences and spoke out about the government and how it never does anything to help gay men. When it was announced in the news, I was speechless. I left in such a rush I didn’t take time to check the weather. When the plane was approaching JFK, it was afternoon and I saw a lot of white. But I was able to integrate into the community and saw that I could start my life over here. Being separated from my wife and kids has been torture.

I became very vocal in my advocacy for the health rights of the LGBT community. “The issue is we have gay men in Nigeria, and we need to provide them with health services and fight HIV.” In 2014, the president signed the bill into law. My original plan was to just leave the scene for a while and then go back to Nigeria when the dust settled.More than 100 people, who had gathered at the quaint roundabout with candles to stage a vigil after the death of a 17-year-old student, ended up attacking Africans spotted anywhere in the vicinity.They alleged that the teenager died after a few Nigerians forced him to inhale drugs.“At that point she said it was the second time she was seeing her husband in such act. “The case was later transferred to the state headquarters.” Garba is yet to be charged but Commissioner Abdullahi said he would appear in court soon over “the unnatural” offence.Audu Kadiri; 41; community organizer; asylum seeker from Abuja, Nigeria, now based in Brooklyn In 2011, a bill was introduced in Nigeria that would prohibit homosexual relationships, which already faced a lot of hate and discrimination. Anyone found to be gay would face fourteen years imprisonment.Because of laws and policies criminalizing the activities of these communities, it’s hard for them to access care.