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Just like any other vice, if you cannot afford to do it, you shouldn’t.

She didn't ask me for any kind of demo, but she did ask me if I was comfortable with elements of BDSM, playing other ages, if I could do any accents, things like that. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 10015924 Note to oneself, spicy chickpeas whilst logged in can equate to a choking moment! # Well Dave wanted to buy my tights from me , he likes the foot end only really and worn all day but not dirty, very precise I say, so he can pull off and come into...Now, I don't know how other operators would respond, but these are my answers. Well, I started out needing money to help my husband out. So I've been a phone actress as my sister and I like to call it for a internet company for 2 years! Lol I'm used to to doin it for free so keepin them on the phone was no prob. Lol but I do hve lots more questions please n e 1 help me I began working with this company a few months ago, and I love it. He really seemed to be into the descriptions of teeth grinding... We make enough to stay afloat but the company Mimi works for is looking like it is in decline and Mimi doesn't want to be left out in the cold without income coming into the house. Until I started doing phone sex, I had never heard of a Piggy Mistress. I'm scared/excited about it all and have been researching and researching but it seems that tge best research is to juat jump in and do it. NOTE* This is not my story, but one written and published by Chelsea Hoffman/author of the Yahoo! but while i officially started yesterday, i haven't been able to pick up the phone to get started yet. Sit down I love you to watch me make my special sauce My long, juicy, sexy legs stretch Spandex shorts, clings to all my slits and splits your finger, up to my lips My warm ruby red lips slurping your finger Nice and lubricated You touch my kitty... I've been doing phone sex for extra cash for the last month or so. I set my own rates, I decide who I want to work with and where my boundaries are, and I can read or sew or do whatever between calls. Desperately hoping to find a way to bring in some extra cash to support my struggling family (my husband is a teacher and we have toddler), I recently signed up with a phone sex company to be a paid performer. I take calls about guys' junk all night and I make damn good money doing... i've had phone sex before...i'm not shy, and i use my voice for other jobs i do, so i thought--perfect! Okay I picked this shift 6am to 11am Sunday morning, but it was that or midnight til 6am in the week , not the best when you have to go to your sensible office manager job for 8am the next morning with the sound of ooh mandy let me slide it into you still ringing in your ears...The phone sex operator never sees your credit card information and it is billed separately.