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It was worse in the US, where unemployment peaked at 10% after the crash. Unable to carry its deficits without private bank liquidity, Greece has been stuck in a recession that has been longer and deeper than the Great Depression was in the US last century. And it was all because too much debt went bad, all at once.

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In the moment, Cramer starts off as if nothing is wrong except for a mispriced stock. Burnett tries to calm him down, sensing early, perhaps before viewers did, that Cramer is going off the rails. Peaks in bad corporate debt crop up at the same time as recessions, as this IMF chart shows.

Pekar chronicled the lives of working men and women in his beloved Cleveland. The Discovery Channel is "roadblocking" its sequel to Planet Earth, pre-empting regular programming on all of Discovery's owned channels (e.g., TLC, Animal Planet) tonight. ..the unlikely name of a useful compendium of TV links posted by Christine Becker, associate professor at the University of Notre Dame.

I've seen the first episode, Challenges of Life, which airs tonight at E. No gossip here, but plenty of timely and valuable stuff about the business of television, including overnight...

Right now, as we trundle toward the 10th anniversary of the Cramer rant (August 3), the amount of sketchy debt being carried by the global finance system is again approaching a record peak.

Yet 10 years later, we are back where we started: This is the scary thing.