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When I was a kid growing up I could not touch my older sister no matter what she did to me.She was three years my senior and sometimes she gave me hell.In the end, Darren wants to kill his brother's murderers but Reese prevents him from making this mistake.Carter arrests the killers and Reese makes sure Darren is well set up for his future.Which, along with some great comments from "ari", and "anon." after my previous post, is what led me to post these comments about domestic abuse, and domestic violence.Here in Philadelphia, workers in the Domestic Relations court system hate the Monday mornings after an Eagles game.It may very well be a case of “thou dost protest too much.”She goes on to say “This is not a game.

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A family's desperate search for a missing daughter and sister continued Saturday, with volunteers passing out flyers in the hunt for Stepha Henry.Phil, it is my view that something does not seem right from a body language and communication perspective.There were several signals of deception in my view along with signals of defensiveness.Seems my man is now being charged with the murders of this woman (Jessie Davis) and her child.Bobby might not be guilty of murdering this woman and her unborn child, (although it sure doesn't look good for him) but we do know he is guilty of abusing women in the past.I realize that this blog, whether intentionally or not, at times dissolves into an indictment of the media for not doing its' job.