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CB: I think the show is weird and I think the show is definitely not following the rules of other shows and it’s highly improvisational, so if you consider that queer, than sure. We’re basically playing a lot of different versions of ourselves.It represents all different kids of people in Portland. AE: What version of you is Toni, the bookstore owner?I tell her she probably gets ID’d a lot, and it turns out that, yes, she does. “I thought I should get some wine – there was this super moon,” she says. At 19, after playing in lesser-known punk bands around Washington state, she and a friend, Corin Tucker, launched Sleater-Kinney, an all-female trio named after the street on which they used to practise.“The girl at the liquor store wanted ID and I was like, ‘This is flattering, but do you actually need me to go back to my car? Their setup was simple (two guitars, two voices, one drummer), but their sound was new, their lyrics sharp and political.(born September 27, 1974) is an American musician, model, writer, actress, director, and comedian.

The cult series, available in the UK on Netflix, skewers hipster culture in skits such as Put A Bird On It, in which Brownstein and Armisen (who play dozens of characters) are creatives in a craft shop adding bird motifs to every piece of merchandise, and Is This Chicken Local?Last season, 3.7 million viewers tuned in to watch characters like the impossibly earnest married couple Peter and Nance; or Toni and Candace—the gals who run the feminist bookstore Women & Women First; or Carrie and Fred, who seem to be a lot like the real-life Brownstein and Armisen, with the added bonus of being super tight with Portland’s mayor (played by Kyle Mac Lachlan). It’s like, now I’ve been doing for almost half the amount of time I did Sleater-Kinney, and Sleater-Kinney, that just seemed like I did that forever,” Brownstein says.[People] just see me as this person they know from television, and then they listen to Sleater-Kinney and they think, ‘What is this scary music? The photo shoot over, she’s back in her street clothes—black jeans and boots, a distressed T-shirt, and a floral panel hat, the brim of which she tugs up and down as we talk. After caught up with the Sleater-Kinney frontwoman to discuss the show, its massive slate of guest stars — yes, Corin Tucker is among them — her interest in the sketch comedy genre and everything about Toni and Candice, their popular former activist, self-involved shopkeepers at everyone’s favorite feminist bookstore. After readers are going to love the feminist bookstore owners. Actually, I think Cath and Nance are my favorite as the couple with the dog and the couple with the farm, those are the ones that I love.After Ellen.com: Was sketch comedy something you’ve always been interested in? AE: How queer is going to be considering how queer-centric Portland can be? The crux of the show is to be absurd and silly so we’re not trying to find an agenda or who we’re representing or not representing.After five full seasons of platonically sleeping in separate twin beds, “Portlandia’s” Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are finally going where no fan thought they would go before – they are going to have sex.