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And even if it is love it is natural to fall in love with one of your own community.
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Dating a man with abandonment issues

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The very trust that any relationship is based on is completely torn to shreds when these crop up.Even a niggling emotion of fear can develop into something so gargantuan that it can have severe and adverse effects on the person's life.

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The information that follows is not intended to be exhaustive in nature but does contain several of the “biggies”. Are you more focused about what is wrong with this person than what is right?It is easy to find distraction when the hard road of recovery lies before you, especially in the early stages.Keep holding your ground, because many people in early treatment look for distractions or exits.It leaves one feeling pain and rejection and finds one in a state of extreme vulnerability. Abandonment does not merely mean the physical abandoning of a person by another, it is not a physical act per se, but can fundamentally be a mental act as well.When one experiences feelings such as these, it is difficult to lead a normal life, take proper decisions, and maintain an equilibrium in all the things that one does. Abandonment can be experienced at all levels and in the greatest or the mildest depths.The guy was trying so hard to engage me in conversation but all I could think, as I was tonelessly telling him the factoids of my life (I grew up here and went to school there, for example) was “” and a wretchedness washed over me, not to be shaken off.