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Dating an iranian woman

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The only problem is that I've heard that Iranians don't date outside of their race and even if they do - they only go for dentists, doctors etc.Is there any point trying to go for an Iranian girl if you're not Iranian?Still, Azadi had to balance independence with caution.She ascended the staircase only when it was clear of neighbors and admonished visiting friends to walk on tiptoes to avoid attracting attention.The people I've spoken to said they 'look down' on pakis and Indians.

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) it would be interesting for the students as well as my teacher with dissimilar background to know that how Iranians start dating, falling in love, and getting married. The way people start dating in Iran is highly dependent on the family they were born.On the surface they seem really nice when I have met them but behind closed doors I have been told that they are anything but.I want to know if the 4 girls below act like typical of the Iranian girls you have met in your experiences or if my friend/ parents friends have been extremely unfortunate in choosing partners.I had entered Iran during the depths of winter and was beginning to wonder if this had been a mistake.It had taken four days of hitchhiking to get to Tehran and I was still getting used to a country where I had yet to see another backpacker.She had to leave, of course, and I had plans to check out Iranian Kurdistan.