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It’s a patriotic road with plaques commemorating street parties for the birth of Prince George and a royal wedding.“I have the good fortune to get Christmas cards from Prince Charles and the organisers asked if they could exhibit one of them on a table. I do not put my Christmas cards out for public viewing.” She pours me a glass of tap water, rustles in the fridge for ice and lemon. She’s a virtuoso of voices and her conversation is punctuated with accents. It’s a gift.” Once the Queen asked her what she did and she replied, “I’m the best reader of stories in the world.” After the Queen had moved on, Margolyes kept talking. Twenty years ago, when we met for lunch at a nearby Indian restaurant, she asked me not to reveal she lived with an Australian woman.
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Would you like to automatically go Dutch or hope her to pay?

In fact, do not do this if you want to impress her because she will appreciate how much the meal costs.

It’s definitely fair to say that my dear man was warned, so I don’t feel even the tiniest bit bad about it.

This year, my husband, who will move up into his forties, will officially be married to a girl still in her twenties. Actually, we’re just over ten years apart but it so happens that there are three little months between his fortieth birthday and my thirtieth.

I don’t believe that there is any “right” age for someone to marry, nor do I believe that a girl to marry someone older than her. Whenever women talk about hitting thirty, or forty, or fifty (or any other age that causes them to have a slight crisis), you can always smile a little.

She owns a hair salon, and I'm a regular customer there.

I've been going there every month for like the past 3 (almost 4 now O.o? And man, is she pretty, and nice, and really good with her hands... I mean shit, have you guys ever met a girl who has all the characteristics you would have ever wanted in a girlfriend? Too bad she's old enough to be the "Big" sister, by big I'm not talkin bout the typical 2 - 3 yr difference, I'm talkin bout the 4 - 6 yr difference =(.

There's probably never been a time in your adult life where a potential partner has turned you away because you're too young — or too old. When it comes to men, love really knows no limits, and is just a number. Age doesn't triumph over fun."I met this girl in a bar my senior year of college, and the next morning she made mention of the fact that she had orientation and had to head back to campus.

Looking back on it — would I have changed my mind about bringing her home if I knew her age? I wouldn't have held back on asking her to marry me just because she'll be 40 before I'm 35.