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Early human carbon dating

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Scientists have confirmed that bones found in the Czech Republic represent the earliest human settlement in Europe.The collection of bones, which include samples from two males and two females, was excavated from the site of Mladec more than a century ago.If we count each generation as averaging 14 years, there would be about 360,000 hand-holders in the hominine line.(Thanks to Richard Dawkins, a contemporary English biologist, for this metaphor.)Paleoarchaeologists debate what names to put on the bones they find.

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The earliest australopithecines very likely did not evolve until 5 million years ago or shortly thereafter (during the beginning of the Pliocene Epoch) in East Africa.

What’s more is that the mastodon’s remains show evidence of damage from human tools.

All of this has been known for some time, and it was accepted to be one of the oldest sites in the Americas already.

The fossils have been tentatively classified as members of three distinct genera-- .

Sahelanthropus was the earliest, dating 7-6 million years ago.