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Girls find me intimidating

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Anyone else have problems befriending other females? One group of women I'm friends with swear,talk smut and aren't to classy but I like them and I somewhat fit in this group.But I'm not a drinker, I don't use drugs, I'm not out looking for a man.

In fact, the archetype of guys being scared out of their minds of cool, powerful, self-assured women is basically the oldest one of all time– just ask Beyonce or Serena Williams–so, if you’ve ever been called intimidating, you’re in good company. Guys say “intimidating” like it’s a compliment, but the way it’s presented usually feels like a sort of cop-out, like a preemptive “It’s not me, it’s you” that doesn’t actually mean anything.

Single girls don't like to go out with me to bars and stuff, like you know how you see those groups of girls go out on weekends?

Yet if it's the same way with a gay or straight guy, it's all good.

If this is happening, just bite the bullet and ask if they actually want to hang out soon. Image source:i Stock Or, you know, a LOT braggadocio. Like, he's somehow managed to mention his GPA, position on the lacrosse team, and the summer home his family has in one breath.

This can be equal parts exasperating and endearing, usually, but you can chalk it up to them being impressed by your resume. You can use this as an opportunity to toot your own horn a little.