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I learn of the impending bloom of a corpse flower at the New York Botanical Garden, in the Bronx. Attracted by the corpselike smell, they crawl into the flower, find no carrion, and get stuck in gooey pollen, which they carry out with them and spread throughout the world. The Nolen Greenhouses have about ten corpse flowers. Forrest and Hachadourian joke about possible sources of the smell. Hachadourian talks about what a relief it is now that the plant is blooming. You have to cut a small door into the side of the plant. I catch a whiff of something sweetish, fetid, and rotten, with floral notes. “The genome is similar to a panda.”I fight my way back through the crowd to Hachadourian to ask about the panda genome. “All living creatures share DNA,” he says kindly, adding that he doesn’t know of any particular genetic kinship between the corpse flower and the panda. On the B. E., trying to explain the corpse flower to an Uber driver from Ghana. I really don’t know.”The driver wants to know whether other people visited the plant, or only me, and how much it costs to get in.

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It's created 25 jobs at the border complex, with shoppers reporting a busy opening weekend.

The arrival of the restaurant chain is seen as a further boost for Gretna Gateway, coming on the back of a record-breaking 2016.

Although the "Pearlies" are familiar faces in London, many people in other parts of the country have never heard of them.

The title is inherited and each borough of London originally had one Pearly king and queen, although not all now do.

We grew apart then met up again about four years ago." Michelle Hall, sales manager for Gretna Green Ltd, said: "Although Gretna Green has seen its fair share of familiar faces, never have a Pearly King and Queen married in the famous wedding village.

"As of yesterday, Gretna Green added the Pearly King and Queen of Harrow to its vast ever growing marriage records and they were the first ever Pearly King and Queen to marry in Scotland." David and Paula weren't jetting off on a honeymoon anytime soon either.

The theme can even be spotted in a wall tiling pattern that runs throughout.

inspired by the lace detail often popular on bridal gowns.

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Built in 1710, the historic Blacksmiths shop is steeped in the traditions of Gretna Green and houses Gretna Hall's marriage records dating back to the early 1700's.Other marriage-themed artwork is installed throughout the restaurant.Gretna Gateway manager Scott Wells, who has recently taken the helm of the village, said: "We’re delighted to welcome Pizza Express to the Gretna Gateway, adding to an already successful and popular line-up of brands." Pizza Express, which also has an outlet in Carlisle city centre, has 450 restaurants across the UK.All of our guests comment on how amazing the venue was and that they had all had a wonderful day.Claudius Strehle raised a family of nine in this four-room cottage with no hallway, and garret.Pizza Express manager Dane Swart said: "I am incredibly excited to be bringing the nation’s best-loved pizza to Gretna, and to be at the helm of such a great team." The 3,000 sq ft restaurant, boasts an elevated Pizziaolo kitchen space in the centre of the space, with green leather upholstered banquette seating throughout.