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An independent commission tasked with reviewing the University of Tennessee system's sexual misconduct policies and making recommendations to improve them submitted its work to the university Thursday. KNOXVILLE — An independent report turned over to the University of Tennessee last week with recommendations for how the university system can improve its handling of sexual misconduct included suggestions specifically geared toward athletics.

The 28-page report suggested that "targeted focus in this area should continue" even as it noted that athletics department personnel "demonstrated a heightened awareness of the importance of Title IX prevention and compliance." Compiled by a four-person commission of Title IX experts unaffiliated with the university, the report praised improvements to Title IX compliance made by the university system over the last several years while suggesting new measures, including at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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Lawyers for the school and the plaintiffs issued a joint press release Tuesday announcing the settlement.

Though its overall focus was broad, the report addressed three specific student populations across the university system: fraternity and sorority life, residential life and athletics.

"The Commission strongly encourages Title IX Coordinators at UTK (Knoxville), UTC and UTM (Martin) to work with the new athletics leadership to continue to prioritize education, prevention and response efforts in athletics for students and staff, coaches and department volunteers," the report reads.

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