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Live update 5 not updating bios

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To avoid displaying OSD abnormally due to compatibility issue after upgrade to Windows 10, please update ATK Package to v1.0.0038 or above.ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver) provides smoother and more intuitive touchpad experiences.It’s also a useful tool to help install different versions of Windows via USB and can also check USB devices for errors.It is a small, single and self contained portable executable file and the user interface resembles the Format tool in Windows.In order to save you some time, I will post here the complete list with all the latest official drivers for Windows 10, since I had to search for every latest version through the ASUS support site.

Hvis der er nye opdateringer til rådighed, fortsætter MSI Live Update med at downloade og installere det automatisk eller underrette brugeren om at downloade eller installere det manuelt.Unlike today where updating a modern BIOS is far easier and convenient and you can update the BIOS directly from Windows using the software provided by the manufacturer, or simply put the BIOS file onto a USB flash drive and the inbuilt flashing tool inside the BIOS will recognize it.If for some reason the software provided by the motherboard manufacturer is broken and you’re not able to update the BIOS from Windows, or your BIOS doesn’t actually support flashing from any other medium apart from a floppy drive and DOS, you can still do it from DOS by booting up the computer with a USB flash drive instead of a floppy which is far easier.To avoid losing ASUS customized gestures due to compatibility issue after upgrade to Windows 10, please update ASUS Smart Gesture to v4.0.5 or above.ASUS USB Charger Plus is a tool to quickly charge your Apple mobile device.Back in the days when floppy disks were still being commonly used, flashing your motherboard’s BIOS could only be done by booting the computer into DOS.