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Match column when updating row owb

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There are, in fact, two separate sets of ISO codes, 2-letter and 3-letter, so you may not in reality be able to join these columns: ISO 3166-1 The join condition There is a difference in behavior to my version - your version will set it to NULL if it's not found, mine will not alter an existing value if it's not matched. Also the execution plan may differ depending upon the [email protected] It's probably not a problem - when you add the new column, I'm assuming it will be NULL and also a foreign key, so invalid entries wouldn't be allowed anyway.

But it's hard to tell from what has been explicitly given in your question.

Use this form of LOOKUP when the values that you want to match are in the first row or column of the array.

CREATE TABLE `ips` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `begin_ip_num` int(11) unsigned DEFAULT NULL, `end_ip_num` int(11) unsigned DEFAULT NULL, `iso` varchar(3) DEFAULT NULL, `country` varchar(150) DEFAULT NULL ) ENGINE=Inno DB CREATE TABLE `country` ( `countryid` tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` varchar(50) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `ordering` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `iso` char(2) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`countryid`) ) ENGINE=Inno DB Using My SQL update multiple table syntax: 14.2.11 UPDATE Syntax Note that you have two different lengths and data types on your iso columns.

ex table1 has 2 rows and 4 columns and table2 has 2 rows and 1 column..

if I merge it, table1 is having 4rows and 5 columns.. I need 2 rows no null values - If a column name does not match in the second table then it creates records with a blank in each column that does not match and keeps their own orignal column names.

Use VLOOKUP to search one row or column, or to search multiple rows and columns (like a table). See this video about VLOOKUP; it provides examples.The array form of LOOKUP is provided for compatibility with other spreadsheet programs, but it's functionality is limited.The array form of LOOKUP looks in the first row or column of an array for the specified value and returns a value from the same position in the last row or column of the array.I have to merge table1(2rows and 4 colums) with table2(1row 1column) but the output is like it is passing null values upto table1 rows in table1 and appending new rows of table2 in table1.finally table1 has(3row 5columns) instead of the i need table1 with 2rows and 4columns Sry output should be 5 columns bt row should be 2 rows...Now the difference between these and the other lookup functions is that you do not need to know the position of the row or column in advance.