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Lots of love to the newlyweds." Uday is pretty active on Twitter but he was off the radar for the past few days, leading up to the wedding. His tweet before this was on 16 April, where he said, "Is it wrong of me to be hoping for a zombie apocalypse? We're pretty sure that was not a reference to the upcoming wedding!
They are either surrounded by glistening sea water or freshly cut greenery, some are hidden gems that are definitely worth the visit. Copper Coast Drive – Dungarvan to Tramore Scenic Route If you are dating in Waterford here is somewhere you can go for a totally different kind of date!

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In her screencaps of Max's profile, we can see him trying his best to impress with fun facts, dashes of comedy, and a good helping of earnest self-deprecation. (And got a compliment from the former president, too.) While Max did pile on the charm, maybe the 70-mile distance between him and Sweet kept them from actually meeting.Not only can Max build an impressive Power Point presentation, he insists that his mom says he's "a good singer" and "sometimes sounds like Nick Jonas." He's also "a great cook" and "an excellent Netflix and chiller."He's got both a turtle a dog, so if you're into animals, Max is your guy. She didn't mention whether or not she swiped right on Max's unique profile, but we're betting he's getting plenty of attention with an approach like this.Our favorite slide, however, has to be "Other neat characteristics about me." On it, Max explains that he's a "family man" and a "cool guy" with the social-media stats — over 700 Twitter followers and 300 Facebook friends — to back it all up. You can find fun, attractive men and women from Max for FREE right now.His in-depth slideshow, "A Power Point explaining why you should swipe right," blends a traditional dating profile with a cheeky academic spin that's adorable and unforgettable.Max's profile was posted to Twitter by Sabrina Sweet and quickly caught the internet's eye.I have two ACF Date Time Picker fields for an event entry, startdate and enddate.To prevent a negative time span I’d like to set min Date and max Date according to the datepicker inputs. I don’t how to get the right values and set it as min/max Dates. Note: I’m using the ‘date time picker’ field and the date format is Y-m-d H:i:s I don’t have an exact solution for you.

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Meta language code declares what's your internet site's content language to the search engines. Search engine's spiders may not interrogate right everytime. Around 50.000.000 of these domains are being used with websites active. https: determined a value for based on spesific criterias.

I have logged it in our feedback portal and I have added a vote for it on your behalf.

You can track its progress, subscribe for status changes and add your comments on the following link - feedback item. Currently, the possible solution that I can suggest is to use the Rad Date Time Picker Calendar.

This paper is concerned with a distinctive type of axe-head, examples of which have been found at Chagar Bazar and Nimrud (Pl. The Chagar Bazar specimen comes from a level I grave, to which Sir Max Mallowan assigned outside limits of . 36), and thus belonging to the first half of the eighteenth century B.

Both have four horizontal ribs encircling the socket and a rectangular-shaped projection at the base of the blade. He concluded, however, that the axe-head was unlikely to be much later than 1700 B. Sir Max found confirmation for the early date of these axes in “an almost identical axe” found in level Ib at Kültepe (Mallowan 1956, 20–21; 1966, I, 346–7, n.