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Instead of surveys and games, it looks like they're advertising ringtones for songs they don't even like, or telling you to smoke pot when they're not even a pot smoker?

Stolen Myspace Profiles - Please Repost Have you noticed weird bulletins posted by your friends lately?

Photos can be posted on your blog and the blog can be customized to look the way you want it to look.

The blog has a tool that you can use to edit the colors, backgrounds, borders and just about anything else.

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I've had no hate-mail as yet, and surprisingly quite a few people i know have done the same! I believe that they have lost hope for anything, as many of the more popular punk bands have. I believe that they have lost hope for anything, as many of the more popular punk bands have. He says minorities gain the right to use racial slurs and have special treatment, because of the years of opression.Without you realizing it, the Flash file automatically redirects you to a different website where the thief has set up a copycat of the My Space login page.What it looks like to you is, "Oh, stupid My Space logged me out again." And so you enter your username and password, and bingo -- they just stole your profile.Why is the attention you get from the one you love not enough?The My Space Movie, also known as Myspace: the movie, is the name of a short independent film and viral video.Maybe the white race is awakening to the multi-cult threat. dont back down, and dont be scared of what people think. We basically got into an argument/debate how **** wasnt equal, and if it was there wouldnt be much of a problem, and how the Black man has taken advantage of everything they've been given.