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She isn’t what people would consider a “typical” target. She grew up in a good home in suburban Phoenix, Arizona. One night, a “friend” of Debbie’s named Bianca stopped by Debbie’s house along with two older male companions.

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“On average, there are a lot more attempts – both correct and wrong – than actual comments,” NRKbeta journalist Ståle Grut said.

“It seems many take the quiz to check how much they remember from the story – and not necessarily to leave a comment.

The sample is still relatively small, because the team hasn’t yet created any set rules for when authors should enable the quiz.

“The idea was to test it on stories that had potential for a gloomy comments section,” Grut said.

Almost as a fun little game after reading.” Grut reported that on average the quiz has an error rate of 72%.

His team suspects that the bulk of the wrong answers are coming site’s international readership, as most of the articles are posted in Norwegian, which can be difficult to translate.

She uses the "Code Review Replay" option of Team Review The Code Review Replay window comes up and Jane chooses a Team Query to identify her original review request.

Of course all of this works because TFS is being used in the background.

The Git option is so popular that Microsoft in 2012 announced TFS integration with Git in order to curtail the migration yearnings of people bored with the TFS option.

The integration solution known as Git-tf, allows users to work with Git repo – branch, commit, edit, commit, branch, merge as well as other options and then move the content to be shared or stored on a TFS repository.

The goal of the plugin was to prevent rants and off-topic responses by ensuring that commenters have read the article.

NRKbeta has published some preliminary results after six months of experimenting with a mandatory quiz before commenting.