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The Nation was established in July 1865 on "Newspaper Row", at 130 Nassau Street in Manhattan. Richards, and the editor was Edwin Lawrence Godkin, an immigrant from Ireland who had formerly worked as a correspondent of the London Daily News and The New York Times.

Godkin, a classical liberal, sought to establish what one sympathetic commentator later characterized as "an organ of opinion characterized in its utterance by breadth and deliberation, an organ which should identify itself with causes, and which should give its support to parties primarily as representative of these causes." In the first year of publication, one of the magazine's regular features was The South As It Is, dispatches from a tour of the war-torn region by John Richard Dennett, a recent Harvard graduate and a veteran of the Port Royal Experiment.

In 1881, newspaperman-turned-railroad-baron Henry Villard acquired The Nation and converted it into a weekly literary supplement for his daily newspaper the New York Evening Post.It may be the case that she’s fallen for a younger man by accident, but more likely than not, she is pursuing a younger man because she wants to have some fun.Perhaps she has just come out of a dried-up marriage, or is sick of being bored by men her own age.Mr Martin was jailed for murder in 1999 but the charge was later reduced to manslaughter.Friends told The Times that Mr Digby was a former heroin addict who had a length criminal record for armed robbery.Maybe she is in the midst of a mid-life crisis and would like to reclaim her youth, and wants a younger man to help her feel young again.