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And I have visions and superpowers and I'm the target of an evil law firm because I've spent the last three months living on a higher plane, fighting for the forces of good, who wage a battle against demons and evilies and squishy bug babies, 'cause all that stuff's real and that's the world I live in." Cordelia Chase was an agent of the Powers That Be.

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Adam (Peter Krause) is the first-born and the ripest apple the tree has to offer.

He runs a shoe company, has a supportive wife, two children (boy and girl) and a beautiful home to share with them. Sarah (Lauren Graham), is the unstable daughter returning home at thirty-eight years of age with her rebellious daughter and sensitive son to live with Zeek and Camille.

) Although he wore too much hair gel and drove a Porsche (so pretentious), he was "a lot better than some of those doozies you used to bring around," as Zeek told Sarah.

However, his dealings with Adam really sealed the deal.

"We were trying to make a satire and they wanted a soap opera," he recalls.

By the time Parenthood surfaced in 2009, it took two advocates to push Krause to consider the role of Adam.

Andrew Mc Mahon of Jack's Mannequin was asked to submit a possible theme song for the series.

Maura Tierney was originally cast as Sarah Braverman, but had to drop out of the role to focus on treatment for breast cancer. MORE: Comedy Show Starring Lauren Graham in the Works Is there one scene over the course of the series that was the most memorable to shoot? I always like all the family scenes, too, which is every director’s nightmare because you can’t get anybody to shut up."I've been busy for 17 years, so I don't know what I want to do next," he says.Most memorable finales ever After getting his start doing sketch comedy on Carol Burnett's , which fell victim to the 2008 writers strike and conflicting creative visions between, as Krause explains it, himself, Donald Sutherland, creator Craig Wright and ABC.But will that remain true when Sarah's former fiancé, the beloved Mark (Jason Ritter), comes back into her life on Thursday's episode (10/9c, NBC)?To better prepare for this visit from a ghost of boyfriends past, decided to look back at Sarah's many romances one last time. Gordon Flint (William Baldwin): Sure, Gordon — or "Gordo" as Zeek so lovingly dubbed him at the family's Thanksgiving dinner in Season 2 — was good for Sarah in some ways.When she was an intern at T&S Footwear, Gordon specifically choose her to accompany him to a shoe convention, where she kicked butt, which gave her a much-needed, confidence boost.