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In 2013, the last year we have data for, we had just 195 births in the entire country and 950 deaths.We are a community on the edge," says Dr Shernaz Cama of the Parzor Foundation, Delhi, a community organization mandated by the UNESCO to preserve Parsi Zoroastrian heritage. In the last 60 years, even as the country’s population tripled from 318 million in 1941 to a billion in 2001, the number of Parsis fell 39 per cent over the same period -- from 114,000 to 69000 in the 2001 census -- the most recent to classify population by religion. The variations are due to the fact that the only source, the does not give precise dates but rather uses round figures (e.g., “In this way three hundred years, more or less, elapsed … In this way seven hundred years passed by …,” states that it was written down in 1600, based on oral tradition and it must therefore be used with due caution and appropriate allowances as a historical source, given the way it was composed and transmitted (Stausberg, 2002, I, pp. The account of the exodus begins by describing how a group of devout Zoroastrians in Persia went into hiding in the mountains during a time of fierce Islamic persecution. The is, however, important as an indicator of the Parsis’ own perception of their settlement in India.Sam Vesuna was 19 when he became a pallbearer at the Parsi Towers of Silence at Malabar Hill.

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He also stressed that their women observed strict purity laws.

In short, the settlement in India was written in the stars, their safe arrival was due to divine aid, and they were not asked to forsake any significant aspects of their religion; indeed Zoroastrianism shared much in common with that of the Hindus.

That shouldn’t be surprising considering Billimoria is a Parsi.

Perceived as a community of mostly affluent number-crunching entrepreneurs, ironically, the biggest anxiety gripping Parsis in India these days is their dwindling numbers."The birth rate of the Parsis has dropped dramatically to below replacement levels.