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"So I'd say three modern-day Robin Hoods who get away with doing the right thing! There's no show that's ever been like it and the proof is in the fact it's still going all these years later.

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Padgett was an office manager and bookkeeper for Advanced Pain Therapies (APT), a clinic in Irmo, SC. Padgett’s guilty plea explained that she set up a shell company named PSS (Padgett Specialty Scrapbooking Services).The name PSS was shared with APT’s primary vendor and allowed Padgett to send APT bogus invoices for payment.FM Preferences: High school graduate, with experience in first aid, firefighting and pistol marksmanship. This position requires lifting: Up to 10 pounds: 2/3 of the time or over; Up to 25 pounds: up to 2/3 of the time; Up to 50 pounds: under 1/3 of the time; Up to 100 pounds: under 1/3 of the time; More than 100 pounds: under 1/3 of the time.Required to participate and successfully complete SCCJA (SC Police Academy) training if not currently Class 1 police officer certified. Vision Requirements: Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less) Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more) Color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors) Peripheral vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up or down and to the left and right when vision is fixed on a given point) Depth perception (three-dimensional vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships) Ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus) Environmental Working Conditions: The following physical conditions and hazards may be encountered while working in this position: Indoor environment Outdoor environment Noise Odors Extreme temperatures Moisture and/or humidity Dust Fumes Gases Poor ventilation Electrical hazards Mechanical hazards Chemical hazards Explosive hazards Burn hazards Bio hazardous waste Working in high places For More Information: Captain Jeff Underwood [email protected] 864-718-1053 C 864-710-8222 - MINIMUM OF 21 YEARS OF AGE (AT START OF APPLICATION PROCESS) - MUST HAVE S. DRIVERS LICENSE (WHEN HIRED) - RESIDENT OF BEAUFORT COUNTY (WHEN HIRED) - REGISTERED VOTER OF BEAUFORT COUNTY (WHEN HIRED) - PERSONAL VEHICLE REGISTERED IN S. (WHEN HIRED) - CLEAN CRIMINAL RECORD: NO FELONY CONVICTIONS, ANY SERIOUS - MISDEMEANOR CONVICTIONS, NO CONVICTIONS OF MORAL TURPITUDE - NO CONVICTIONS OF CRIMINAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - CLEAN TRAFFIC RECORD: NO DUI OR DUS CONVICTIONS LAST TEN YEARS, NO LEAVING THE SCENE CONVICTIONS, MINIMUM NUMBER OF SPEEDING.

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State Requirements: A high school diploma and certification by the Law Enforcement Training Council in accordance with § 23-23-40 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976. Essential Physical Requirements: Standing: 1/3 of the time or over; Walking: 1/3 of the time or over; Sitting: up to 2/3 of the time; Using hands: 2/3 of the time or over; Reaching with hands and arms: 2/3 of the time or over; Climbing or balancing: up to 1/3 of the time; Stooping, kneeling, crouching, or crawling: 1/3 of the time or over; Talking, seeing, or hearing: 2/3 of the time or over; Tasting: under 1/3 of the time; Smelling: 2/3 of the time or over.

Must be physically fit and able to defend one's self from attack or physical assault.

Must be able to restrain, lift and/or carry adults of varying weights.

Between June 2008 and December 2010, Padgett created checks made payable to her company PSS and deposited them in to an account to which she had primary control.

During this time, Padgett also made payments to her personal credit cards using APT funds and wrote unauthorized checks to family members for personal expenses.