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The film, the fourth of the Terminator movies, is set in dark, post-Apocalyptic 2018, 14 years after the nuclear attack that ended the previous Terminator trilogy.

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Like some of the most memorable SNL sketches these days, the Settl ad is really just an excuse for some very funny women to cut loose.

Kate Mc Kinnon, Vanessa Bayer, and Leslie Jones all mine big laughs out of quiet desperation (usually hidden by oh-so-fake smiles).

The two have remained cordial as they co-parent their three kids – Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5.

The duo was spotted attending a Fourth of July parade together earlier this week.

v=T43j QQzm0qo It’s funny how “Settl” seems to be closest to Tinder (not being able to swipe left is a feature!

), whereas “Give Up And Settle.com” hearkens more to those atrociously cheery ads you might see for or e Harmony during TV’s off-hours.

'I've tried all the online dating apps like Tindr, OK Cupid and Match.com, but I want to get married now.

For Vanessa's character, she explains how she signed up for the app because she 'already bought my wedding dress' and all that she needed to complete the package was a groom.

With the caveat of the inability to swipe left on men, Settl matches nice women with "Settl doesn't depict the worst-case dating scenario, but it's almost more chilling that way," as Bustle suggests; this isn't really a sketch at all, but maybe the way men and women actually date nowadays.

That's why this fake commercial for a dating app called Settl is just so perfect.

"Because, remember: it's not giving up, it's settling up," says a very unenthused Vanessa Bayer.

After going on 'tons of OK dates', she met her Henry.

Explaining how the app works, Leslie claims that the men are only allowed to upload passport photos or photos of them pretending to hold the Leaning Tower of Pisa - 'that way, we can't focus on their looks,' she adds before her date arrives to the table, apologizing for being late because he doesn't have a car.