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Then, like so, so many others before you, you are probably already on the lookout for a new boyfriend or girlfriend.Ideally, you will give yourself some time in sobriety to get your feet under you and focus on your own recovery before you dip your feet in the dating pool.I didn’t respect his boundaries and would drunkenly sneak into his room even when he’d asked for a night of alone time.I would get drunk and cry hysterically in front of him.I was clingy and wanted to spend every second with him. He said I was a “fire” and was “consuming” him, and asked me not to contact him.So after quitting drinking and drugs, I also wanted to quit my disastrous dating pattern. I saw myself as a high-achieving, exceptional person who needed to “let loose” on the weekends.However, eventually you will spot that special person across the room at a meeting- your eyes meet, maybe they ask where the coffee is, and like any good alcoholic or addict, you are already envisioning your engagement photos and planning a trip to the hardware store to make them a house key.Before you get too far ahead of yourself, consult this handy list of DOs and DON’Ts for dating in recovery!

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I started worrying about the outfits I was wearing, I tried to constantly place myself in situations where I could be around them, and sometimes, I was consumed by fear and jealousy when I saw them flirting with someone else.

Rosalyn Dischiavo, a sexologist and licensed addiction counselor, has a cheerier outlook: “There is another, more optimistic truth about love in early sobriety: it shows that you are healing. Date like it's 1955, whether it's with someone new, or with your current partner or spouse. Belisa Vranich—a clinical psychologist specializing in sex and relationships—all agree that there is no reason why addicts and alcoholics shouldn’t be dating other addicts and alcoholics.

Go to the movies, take a walk in the park, go skiing together, but slow down and give the intimacy a chance to develop. According to Milrod, the most important foundation is simply that “sobriety needs to be a priority.

I had been fired from my dream job at a theater company. So I quit drinking—and my other vice, cough syrup—and started going to AA meetings in July 2010. As far as the no-dating suggestion, I considered myself exempt.

I was about to enter my had dated in her first year of sobriety.