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Tricia helfer dating

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Helfer, who currently stars in “Lucifer,” appeared alongside her “Battlestar Galactica” co-stars for a reunion panel at the ATX TV Festival.Tricia Helfer was born in the year 1974 on 11th of April and this makes her age 40 at this time.She has been a model for huge brands and this has made her very poplar across the globe.

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, a two-hour TV movie that aired last Saturday, introduced a significant same-sex relationship to the critically acclaimed series by revealing that Admiral Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes) was intimately involved with Gina, one of the copies of Cylon model Number Six.AE: Gina in “Razor” seemed to genuinely care for Helena Cain, but she was also clearly doing the work of the Cylons. TH: I do believe that Gina had genuine feelings for Cain.Very much like Six (Caprica Six) who cared intensely for Baltar — that didn’t stop her from completing her mission either.She went to the school called William E Hay Composite High School for her education.She started modeling at a very early age of 17 and there was no turning back for her then.I certainly appreciate a nice pair of high heels and a pretty dress, but I have no problem getting down and dirty.” And of course there’s the baggage of her pre-acting career: “Because I modeled for 10 years, people don’t realize that I’m a tomboy or that I do my own stunts,” Helfer suggests.