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EDIT (after a good comment by shahkalpesh) : I can access to the sharepoint if I enter the address in Windows Explorer.Access to the sharepoint needs an authentification, but it's transparent, because it relies on the Windows login.Create a choice column using the Site Column project item template: Next create the content type.When presented with the option of which content type to inherit from, select Workflow Task (Share Point 2013) and add the column to the content type along with the: There's one more important step you need to do before you use this task content type you've created.When the class goes out of scope then the drive get's unmapped.You could just remove the "Class_Terminate" method...Now let's see how we can put additional fields in the task form.This is done by creating a new content type and adding additional columns to it.

Folder Dim Drive Letter As String, i As Integer Unmap Drive For i = Asc("Z") To Asc("A") Step -1 Drive Letter = Chr(i) If Not o FSO. Map Network Drive Drive Letter & ":", Network Path Set o Mapped Drive = o FSO.

However, I won't get into the esoteric topics that seasoned business intelligence (BI) professionals like to discuss when they geek-spar.

Related: SSIS Novices' Guide to Data Warehouses: Flattening While Staging the Data Providing instructions on how SSIS novices can build a data warehouse is too big to be covered in just one article, so this is the first article in a series.

This can be achieved using the “Perform action” step in workflow.

For a video that demonstrates how to use the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard to create a package that exports data from a SQL Server database to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, see Exporting SQL Server Data to Excel (SQL Server Video).