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World of tanks critical error updating the launcher

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Or just do it yourself if you're not too keen on "some internet guy"'s file https://drive.google.com/open?World of Tanks is a free-to-play MMO with all the tank battling you could possibly want.Minimum and recommended system requirements can be found on the System Requirements page.World of Tanks supports the Microsoft Windows series operating systems.

so, i've tried changing the URL in the Wo Ws to "update.worldofwarships.com" but everytime i open the launcher, i get the same error message saying that it cannot connect to the update service (even though it LITERALLY just downloaded the 1.0.10 update...) when i press "Play" anyway, it says "Critical Error: unable to launch game. I "installed" the launcher using a custom wineskin wrapper (right from the windows exe file) and it appears to work just fine with the codeweavers wrapper.Basically I did this: - Downloaded the wineskin winery program - created a blank wrapper with the 1.9.11 engine - downloaded the file (the windows version of the game) - opened my new blank wrapper, clicked "install software", and selected the file - clicked through the setup wizard - let it run the launcher update, as soon as it started to initialize the torrent session for the full game I closed it - went inside the wrapper (right click, show package contents) to: drive_c/Games/Wo WS - Clicked and dragged the Wo file from there, and put it in my actual Wo WS folder (Documents/Wo WS) replacing the one that was in there.- Ran the game, sunk ships, wore my sunglasses at night EDIT: It was a lot of work for one stupid file, so I made it available on my google drive for anyone that wants it.I prefer to play on Minecraft 1.7.10 because it has a lot more mods for it.On the page that opens you should see a link named World of Tanks Launcher (Region Editor) – A program to change the localization of the client (one client for playing on different servers) for World of Tanks 9.16 Also, it lets you enable or disable mods without removing or uninstalling them.